Functional Independence

Introduction to Functional Independence

Functional  independence is  defined as a direct improvement or enhancement  to the  concepts modularity abstraction  and information hiding. It can achieved by developing the modules ( or components) for their single ,isolated respective  functions and then  combine these modules through interacting approaches to achieve a whole sole objective. When a module will have its single function to perform then it will be easy to achieve its objective .so  functional independence in this respect is associated with the effective modularity. It is beneficial to compartmentalize the whole function into small sub functions for the modules then that modules are developed accordingly. After developing all the modules, they  are merged together to achieve the centre land main function. That why all  the modules must be assigned the independent functions. No two modules must have some function to be achieved. Such independent modules are easier to maintain. And there will  be less error propagation and  even sensibility  increase.

Functional independence  is a key of good  design and design is the  key to software quality. So  we strive in most designs to make the modules independent of one  another. Not only is it easier to understand how a module works but is  also much easier to  modify an independent module. similarly when a system failure is traced back through  the code to the design, independent modules help to isolate and fix the cause. 

To recognize  and measure the degree of module independence in a design two qualitative criteria are defined cohesion and coupling. We  will  discuss them  in next two section.  Much work has been done on the functional independence. Parens and Wirth have defined some refinement techniques  in landmark  paper that improves the modules independence on software design. Stevens Myers and Constantine elaborated this concept further.

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