Introduction to Scanning

Scanning may be evaluated to our eyes. When reading a book, the eye begins to read from left end and move in the direction of right end. After finishing the right end the eyes automatically will come to the next line that is left end of the next line and begins to read in the direction of right end and this process will continue. Like this, similar activity should be occurred in television picture tube and camera tube.

While this is occurred in the camera tube the image falls on the camera tube is separated into several parts and these divided parts are again framed like a picture in the television picture tube. This is acquired by the process that known as scanning.

From the electron gun the electron ray moved from left towards right and from right toward the left and top to bottom and bottom to top of the television screen and camera tube is termed as Scanning.

To form a picture on the television screen we require 15625 scanning lines each second. Because the scanning speed is extremely high it cannot be -noticeable to our eyes. Since the persistent time of eyes is 1/16th of a second.

So if the scanning rate each second is made larger than sixteen, the eye is capable to integrate the varying levels of brightness in the scene. On the television the motion picture is simply compared along with the screening of cinema. In cinema projection 24 picture frames have to be crossed in front of the camera within a second. If there is any alteration in this the action might not be real.

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Just like similar in television 15625 scanning lines" separated into 25 picture frames. Like per that one frame contains (15625/25) = 625 scanning lines. Therefore as we seen before for a whole action picture we require (25x625) = 1 5625 scanning are required. The electron ray that moving from left side to right side and right side to left side is termed as Horizontal scanning and the ray that moving from top to bottom and bottom to top is termed as Vertical scanning.

In scanning there are two significant points worth noting.

i) The electron ray that moves from left to right alone noticeable to our eyes, because it alone carries signal. This line is known as Trace line.

While the ray is moved from right to left it do not have any signal in it and it is blanked through applying blanking pulses. This line known as Retrace line.

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