Water Transport

Water Transport:

Water absorbed by the root hairs is translocated upwards via the xylem. The mystery of the upward movement of water is still to be resolved in a satisfactory manner. The upward transport of water in plants that are 400 feet high still holds a serious trouble as it has not been satisfactorily described till date.

However the mechanism for upward movement of water or ascent of sap is not apparent, it has been confirmed that ascent of sap occurs via xylem.

The girdling experiment was completed in a plant with thick stem where the outer layer of phloem was eliminated. Still it was found that ascent of sap sustained to occur proving that ascent of sap occurs via the xylem.

A young tomato or balsam seedling was taken and kept in a beaker having water colored with eosin. After sometime it was seen that streaks of red color were running up the stem. Whenever a cross section of the stem was taken, it was found that xylem was colored proving that ascent of sap occurs via the xylem tissue.

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