Power Supply Types

Introduction to Power Supply Types

If the ascertained voltage to the TV receiver circuits in fluctuating frequently, the transistors, capacitors, zanier diodes, Lot and ICs would be turned defective. To prevent this, a regulated power supply is essential for TV receivers.

Types of Regulated Power Supply:

There are four categories of regulated power supply that are as follow:

1. SCR type

2. STR type

3. Transistor type

4. Switched Mode Power supply (SMPS)

Series Transistor Regulated Power Supply:

The diagram depicts the series transistor regulated power supply. It works on the principle of negative feedback.


This circuit is intended with a zener diode and two transistors (Q1 and Q2). Zener diode is connected at the transistor Q1 's emitter. To the collector of Q1the collector of Q2 is connected to the base of Q1 Un regulated dc voltage is applied. Regulated dc voltage is occupied from emitter of Q1.

Circuit Operation:

Unregulated dc voltage is provided like an input to the circuit. Although, fluctuations in the input, the output voltage is preserved constant. If input voltage rises, output voltage also raises. Because of this, collector current of Q2 raises. The increasing current builds a voltage drop beyond R3 thus, the base voltage Q, get decreases. As a result, the output voltage also gets decreases. Therefore the output voltage is stable.

354_Unregulated power supply.jpg

If input voltage reduces, output voltage also reduces. Because of this, the base emitter voltage reduces. The result, collector current of Q reduces. The decreasing current decrease the voltage drop beyond R causes the base voltage of Q, get increases. The result, output voltage get rises. Therefore the output voltage is constant.

A supply of +110 V is obtained as the output. A 1OKQ's resistor is connected in series with 110 V supply and it is earthed by a 12 V zener diode. Here, supply voltage is obtained from far audio and horizontal oscillator stages. 120V zener diode works like over voltage protector. C and C2 work like reservoir capacitors. Preset R^ assists to adjust B+ voltage.

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