Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Introduction to Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

The electric current able the motor run. The motor is connected to the fan that has angled blades. When the fan blades turn, they force air forward, in the direction of the exhaust port. While air particles are driven forward, the particles' density (and hence the air pressure) increases in front of the fan and decreases at the back of the fan. This pressure drop at the back of the fan is just like the pressure drop in a straw while you drink. The pressure level behind the fan drops under the pressure level outside the vacuum cleaner. This creates suction, a partial vacuum, in the vacuum cleaner. The air pushes itself into the vacuum cleaner via the intake port since the air pressure in the vacuum cleaner is lower than the pressure outside.

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Diagram - Cylinder vacuum cleaner

Cylinder vacuum cleaners have the following main uses:

1. For proficient, general purpose cleaning around the home and car interiors

2. To vacuum areas which would be uncomfortable to clean with an upright vacuum cleaner, like stairs and under furniture?

3. To clean upholstery, curtain fabrics, crevices, car interiors and remove pet hair, while employed with a range of accessories.

Along with the motor and bag (if the cylinder vacuum cleaner is a bagged model) in a different unit connected to the hose, cylinder vacuum cleaners are perfect for cleaning floor spaces along with furniture and stairs, and arrive at far more places around the home than an upright vacuum cleaner. Cylinder vacuum cleaners as well beat upright vacuum cleaners on maneuverability, along with long floor heads which are lighter and easier to direct while vacuum cleaning.

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