Role of Database Administrator and types of users for a DBMS

Role of Database Administrator:

In general there are three types of users for a DBMS:

1. The END User is the person who uses the application. Finally he is the one who actually puts the data into the system into use in business. This user require not know anything about the organization of data in the physical level.

2. The Application Programmer who makes the application programs. He / She have more knowledge about the data and its structure. He / she is able to manipulate the data using his/her programs. He/she as well need not have access and knowledge of the complete data in the system.

3. The DBA (Data base Administrator) who is like the super-user of the system. The role of DBA is extremely important and is defined by the following functions.

a) Defining the schema- The DBA describes the schema which contains the structure of the data in the application. The DBA determines what data requires being present in the system and how this data has to be presented and organized.

b) Liaising with users - The DBA requires interacting constantly with the users to understand the data in the system and its use.

c) Defining Security and Integrity checks- The DBA finds about the entrance restrictions to be defined and defines security checks accordingly. Data Integrity checks are describe by the DBA.

d) Defining Backup/Recovery Procedures- The DBA as well defines procedures for backup and recovery. Defining backup procedure comprises specifying what data is to be backed up the periodicity of taking backups as well as also the medium and storage place to backup data.

e) Monitoring performance- The DBA has to incessantly monitor the performance of the queries and take the measures to optimize all the queries in the application.

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