Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

Introduction to CRO - (Cathode Ray Oscilloscope):

CRO is employed to produce the waveforms for several frequencies of the O/P circuit.

1. Structure of CRO: It has three major parts.

Electron Gun: It contains a filament and cathode, Cathode is heated through the filament, and electrons are emitted from the cathode.

2. Neck Part: It comprise three grids and two sets of movable discs x and y.

(i) First grid: It is employed to control the electron beam that is produced by the cathode.

(ii) Second grid: It accelerates the electron beam.

(iii) Third grid: It obtains the electron rays to the centre of the screen.

(iv) Moving Plates: It is termed as x, y plates. Electron beam can be oscillated by providing voltages. This process is termed electrostatic deflection.

(a). X- Plates : X- Plates is connected to the time base circuit and produces the saw tooth waveform. It is employed to move the beam from centre to Horizontal direction. It is a X-axis in the display.

(b). Y- Plates: Y- Plates is connected to the outer circuit of the vertical deflection. It is employed to move the beam from centre to the vertical direction. It is a y- axis in the display.

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Figure: Block Diagram of CRO

3. Screen: CRO has a screen. Screen is a vacuum tube that is like a picture tube in television.

1. AC/ DC Switch: Inputs are provided at the OFF position. Amplified waves are provided to the Y-plate.

2. Volts / Div: by using this controlling button, change the size of the waveform as low or high.

3. Trigger Circuit: The wave depicted on the screen keeps on oscillating.  Thus using time delay circuit and keep the wave form stable. That is why amplitude, frequency and phase are measured.


1. CRO is employed to see time varying waveforms

2. We can align all blocks in the TV receiver

3. CRO is employed to measure signal voltage

4. To compute signal frequency

5. We can detect the faults in DVD, VCD, VCP using CRO.

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