No Sound Normal Picture Fault TV Receiver

Rectification of the No Sound with Normal Picture Fault and Operation of a TV Receiver:

To rectify the No Sound with normal picture fault and operate the TV Receiver.

Components Needed:

S. No.

Name of Component/Apparatus




TV Receiver




Identification of the fault in a given TV receiver:

1. The TV receiver is switched ON firstly.

2. Picture on the screen is usual but no sound.

3. Switch OFF the receiver and verify. The fault is within sound section.

Check the stages of the TV receiver:

1. The picture on the screen is usual but no sound, verifies the fault is in the audio stage.

2. Calculate the voltage at the audio amplifier and output stages if it is correct, go to next step.

3. Test the connection at the speaker and test the voice coil with multimeter, If it is correct,

4. Calculate the voltage at IC pins connected in audio amplifier and output stage, if it is correct,

5. Test the volume control if it is defective removes it and solder new one.

6. Now the receiver screen depicts the clear picture with sound.

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