Detection of Seismic Waves, Physics tutorial


Geophones are the name of Land seismic detectors, Hydrophones as marine detectors. By Both the processes mechanical energy is rehabilitated into electrical signals. On pushing a spike screwed to the casing decisively into the ground geophones are generally situated. But it may be compulsory that to when working on bare rock use some form of adhesive pad and unscrew the spike.


A geophone made by hanging leaf springs in the area of a stable magnet and coil wrapped on a high-permeability magnetic core. When the coil moves relative to the magnet, then the voltages are induced and current will flow in any external circuit. The current is proportional to the velocity of the coil by the magnetic field for the ground movements of recording, not ground dislocation. In all cases to freely vibrate vertically the coil is mounted, so this resultant the P waves increasing abruptly from subsurface interfaces gives the maximum sensitivity, that is to reflected and refracted P waves. P-wave geophones give negative first-arrival pulses (breaks) for refractions and reflections that have been normally connected. But for direct waves damage any way large offsets are used in working in reflection or in refraction work where the velocity contrasts between deeper refractors are small, and overburden, the rising wave fronts make relatively large angles with the ground surface and the difference by between S waves and P waves will be less good by the geophones.

1693_Moving Coil Geophone.jpg

Fig: Moving Coil Geophone:

Geophone coils have resistances of the order of 400Ωand damping circuits to which they are linked is largely determined by the impedance of the circuit. By the natural vibration frequency of the suspended system The relative motion between coil and casing is also influenced ., but signals below the resonant frequency are heavily attenuated even the response about replicates the ground motion  at frequencies above resonance .Standard geophones typically resonate at or below 10 Hz, i.e. well below the frequencies beneficial in small-scale surveys. Response curves for a typical 10 Hz phone. Geophones are amazingly harsh that they are often treated is just as well considering the ways. so, their valuable lives will be decrease if they are dumped unceremoniously from trucks into tangled heaps on the ground. Frames can be bought or made to which they can be clipped for carrying and these can be good investments, but only if actually used.

Detection of S-Waves:

In most seismic work S- waves considered as noise, there are occasions when S-wave information is specifically sought. As example, for determining elasticity properties both S- and P-wave velocities are required.

2427_Typical  Moving-coil.jpg

Fig: Frequency Response of A Typical Moving-Coil Geophone

The degree of damping depends on the geophone parallel connection of value of the shunt resistance, and also on the input resistance of the recorder's 'No shunt 'regarding to infinite shunt resistance.


Noise is any vibration that is not part of the signal. Noise is coherent and inevitable noise is produced by the shot itself. Rayleigh waves, Love and S waves and reflections from surface irregularities are forms of coherent noise. This is slow and therefore late-arriving in shallow refraction work, waves usually avoid the use of any event other than the first entrance of energy. By the shot is termed random Noise which is not generated. Random noise is generated by the Movements of traffic, animals and people and can, be controlled for various extents. At least it should be possible to avoid the investigation team contributing, by giving warning using a whistle or hooter. Random noise is also generated by vegetation moving in the wind and dividing the ground. The influence can be reduced by citing geophones far from trees and bushes, and sometimes by cutting away smaller plants. Considerable growth can often be achieved by moving particularly noisy geophones a few inches. Placement is also significant it may not be simple to push a spike fully home in rigid ground but a geophone an inch above the ground vibrates in the wind.

Seismic Cables:

From geophones Seismic signals are approved in cables which must contain twice as many individual wires as there are geophones  to recorders as varying electric currents, Wires are essentially bound very closely but not only  external current carriers  as power and telephone cables induce currents,  but a in one wire very strong signal can be passed inductively to all . Cross-talk can be predominantly severe from the tough signals generated by geophones near the shot point, and it may even be vital to disconnect these to get good records on other channels. The amount of cross-talk usually raised with the age of the cable, perhaps because of a gradual build-up of moisture inside the outer insulating cover. Eventually the cable has to be discarded.  Plugs and Cables are the most vulnerable parts of a seismic system and are most at risk where they connect. It is worthwhile being very alert. Re-soldering wires to a plug with 24 or more connections is not interesting or simple.  Most cables are double-ended, allowing end to be connected to the receiver. If a wire is damaged, only the connection to one end will be affected and the 'dead' channel may renew if the cable is reversed. However, other dead channels are invented when the process is complete.

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