The arrangement of veins in the lamina or leaf blade is termed as venation. It is mostly of two types namely: Reticulate venation and Parallel venation.

1. Reticulate Venation:

This kind of venation is general in all dicot leaves. In this kind of venation there is a prominent vein termed as midrib from which many small veins occur that finally form a net like structure in the lamina.

2339_reticulate venation.jpg

 Figure: Forms of Reticulate Venation

Pinnately reticulate venation:

In this form of venation there is merely one midrib in the center that forms many lateral branches to form a network. Example: Mango.

2. Parallel Venation:

In this form of venation all the veins run parallel to each other. Mainly the monocot leaves contain parallel venation. This is of two types:

628_parallel venation.jpg

Figure: Forms of Parallel Venation

Pinnateley Parallel venation:

In this form, there is a famous midrib in the centre. From this many veins perpendicularly occur and run parallel to each other. Example: Banana.

Palmately parallel venation:

In this form many veins occur from the tip of the petiole and they all run parallel to each other and join at the apex. In grass they meet at the apex and therefore it is termed as convergent. In Borassus (Palmyra) all main veins spread out in the direction of the periphery. Therefore it is termed as divergent.

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