Biological systematic is the study of diversification of the living organisms, both past and present, and the relationships among living things throughout time. The relationships are visualized as evolutionary trees (i.e., Phylogenies trees). Phylogenies contain two components, branching order (exhibiting group relationships) and branch length (exhibiting amount of evolution). The phylogenetic trees of species and higher taxa are employed to study the evolution of traits (example: anatomical or molecular characteristics) and the distribution of organisms (i.e., biogeography). Systematics, in another word, is employed to understand the evolutionary history of life on world.


"Systematic biology" and "taxonomy" (words that are frequently confused and employed interchangeably) were stated in relationship to one other.

Systematic biology (simply termed as systematics) is the field which:

(i) Provides scientific names for organisms,
(ii) Describes them,
(iii) Preserves collections of them,
(iv) Gives categorization for the organisms, keys for their recognition, and data on their distributions,
(v) Investigates their evolutionary histories
(vi) Considers their ecological adaptations.

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