Oil plant–Groundnut

Oil plant–Groundnut:

The binomial of it is Arachis hypogea. It is related to Fabaceae. It is an annual. The term groundnut derives its name from the fact that its fruits ripe under the ground.

The roasted seeds are edible. Oil is taken out from the seeds and employed like fine cooking medium. Vegetable ghee (peanut butter) is as well ready from this oil. The oil cake is feed to the livestock. It is very rich in fatty acids and proteins.

Economic importance:

1. Groundnut oil is one of the significant edible oils. It is broadly employed in cookery like a salad oil. It is employed for the manufacture of vanaspathi.

2. Groundnut kernel is rich and inexpensive source of vegetable protein. Kernels are fried and salted, eaten, and added to some dishes.

3. Peanut butter is ready through grinding roasted and blanched kernels. It is nutritious.

4. Groundnut oil is employed to a limited extent in soap making.

5. Oil is employed like illuminant, lubricant.

6. Oil cake is employed like animal feed and organic manure.

7. Groundnut shell is employed in the manufacture of activated carbon.

8. The groundnut cake is a good cattle feed. The plant later than removing the pod, both dried and fresh is good cattle feed.


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