Concept of Creating Pie Charts

PIE Program:

The TI-82 does not support pie charts directly as it does with scatter plots, box plots, and the histograms.

Put the frequencies or relative frequencies in List 1. When the List 1 is empty or the addition of list 1 is zero, then you are instructed to place the frequencies in list 1.

Turn off any graphs that might be on before running the PIE program. Or else, the graphs will cover the pie chart and it will take time to draw.

The program will ask over the user if they desire to put the labels on the graph. When the user enters 1 for yes, then the values in List 1 will be located in the graph. This is where the difference among frequencies or relative frequencies appears.

The calculator is then forced by the program to radian mode and turns the axes off, zoom standard and then zoom square. This will then draw a circle and continue to draw the lines that define the pie graph.

Whenever we need to view the pie chart then reset the graphing screen to normal as:

•    MODE DEGREE-Depending on your use, leaving it in Radian mode might be preferred.

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