Response mode processing and Data communication

Response mode processing:

The default protocol for recoverable messages comprises of the scenario:

1245_response mode processing.jpg

This entails four entries to the network manager (at each endpoint).

All of these passes need several thousand instructions (in typical implementations.) If one is willing to forgo the recoverability of the input message then the logging and acknowledgment of the input message can be eliminated and the reply sequence utilized as acknowledgment. This reduces line traffic as well as interrupts handling by a factor of two. This is the reaction mode message processing. The commit (output) message is logged. If something goes incorrect before commit it is as though the message was never received. If something goes incorrect after commit then the log is used to re-present the message.

Nevertheless the sender should be able to match responses to requests (he may send five requests and get three responses). The easiest way to do this is to persist that there is at most one message outstanding at a time (that is lock the keyboard).

Another scheme is to admit a batch of messages with a single acknowledge. One does this via tagging the acknowledge with the sequence number of the latest message received. If messages are recoverable after that the sender must retain the message until it is acknowledged and so acknowledges should be sent fairly frequently.

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