Bacterial biofertilizers

Bacterial biofertilizers:

Bacterial biofertilizers are Azotobacter, Rhizobium, Azospirillum, Acetobacter and Phosphobacteria. Rhizobiums, Azorhizobium are symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria. Azospirillum is an illustration for relative symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacterium. Azotobacter is an illustration for non-symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacterium. Phosphobacteria play a crucial role in solubilizing rock phosphates. They are termed as phosphatic solubilizing bacteria example, Bacillus megaterium and Pseudomonas striata.

Blue green algae (i.e., Cyanobacteria):

The nitrogen fixing blue green algae are cultivated in open air tanks and fields. The blue green algal bio-fertilizer is highly appropriate for the paddy crop. The paddy field environment gives appropriate circumstances for the growth and multiplication of blue green algae. BGA play crucial role in nitrogen fixation. In addition to nitrogen fixation, the BGA give growth promoting substances, such as vitamins and indole acetic acid and gibberellic acid. BGA enhance the soil fertility and sustain soil pH. The general blue green algal genera are Aulosira, Anabaena, Nostoc, Tolypothirx, Lingbya, Oscillatoria & Spirulina maxima.

BGA are exerted at the rate of 4 kg/acre of rice field.


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