Indehiscent dry fruits

Indehiscent dry fruits:

1. Achene:

A small, indehiscent one seeded fruit generating from a monocarpellary ovary and in which the pericarp is tough, leathery and stays free from seed coat; example: Mirabilis, Clematis and so on.

2. Caryopsis:

A small, indehiscent and one seeded fruit generating from a mono-carpellary ovary and in which the pericarp is fused with the seed coat. The seed totally fills the chamber; example: Maize, Paddy and so on.

3. Cypsela:

The fruit is generated from bicarpellary, syncarpous and inferior ovary with persistent calyx making the ‘pappus’. This comprises only one seed. The pericarp and seed coat stay free; example: Helianthus, Tridax.

4. Nut:

A large, indehiscent, one-seeded fruit which grows from a bi or multi-carpellary ovary. The fruit wall becomes stony, hard, or woody at maturity; example: Cashew nut.

5. Samara:

A dry, indehiscent, one-seeded winged fruit generating from bicarpellary, syncarpous ovary. The wing is transformed outgrowth of pericarp; example: Acer.

1914_Indehiscent dry fruits.jpg

 Figure: Indehiscent dry fruits

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