What is opportunity cost of learning a foreign language


The following comes from Freakonomics Radio, a NPR podcast by economist Steven Levitt and journalist Stephen Dubner.

Should you learn a foreign language? sure, there are benefits, but what about the costs. What is the opportunity cost of learning a foreign language? This is explored in the following podcast. Use this forum to discuss what you heard, what surprised you, what you found most interesting, or what you think they are missing.

Learning a foreign language is so worth it. I speak 5 different languages and one foreign language that I wished I would have really focused on and practice is Spanish. At a young age I learned those 5 languages by being around different tribes. When I cam to the U.S, and enter high school, I had to sit in a classroom and study Spanish, do homework etc. This is where learning it didn't work for me. I learn languages by being around people that speak that specific language, so that whole classroom thing did not work for me.

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Microeconomics: What is opportunity cost of learning a foreign language
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