What are general mills corporate-level strategies


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What are General Mills' corporate-level strategies? What generic Porter strategy does the company follow? Are General Mills' strategic choices aligned with the Porter generic strategy you believe the company follows?

General Mill's corporate-level strategies consist of several different types of criteria ranging from their philosophy, services, affiliates and etc. " General Mills has a long-standing commitment to good corporate governance practices. These practices provide an important framework within which our Board of Directors and management can pursue the strategic objectives of General Mills and ensure its long-term vitality for the benefit of shareholders. The Corporate Governance Committee reviews our corporate governance principles annually, and changes are recommended to the Board for approval as appropriate (GM)."

Their practices are very important and is the framework within their Board of Directors and management. In order to operate effectively the company needs to be able to pursue their strategic objectives. Which is essential. In order to ensure their long-term vitality for the benefit of shareholders. As I previously stated is very important! The Corporate Governance Committee goes over their corporate governance principles yearly, and updates it bases upon recommendations from the Board. General Mills established their corporate strategy incorporates all three of Porter's generic competitive strategies into their business model. Which is where the company utilizes their cost leadership paradigm which is then coupled with a differentiation strategy with regards to the company's production.

The business has effectively utilized the differentiation strategy by utilizing Porter's Generic Strategy. The company's leadership is big on placing their efforts to ensure their brands quality and brands is still superb and ensuring the continued loyalty from their customers. The company is all about making improvements in order to maintain the competitive advantage. General Mills' products continues to offer their customer's at decent competitive prices. but the company's main purpose (which is every company's goal) is to not sell their products at lower prices that the competitors. They'll lose money in doing so.

I do believe that General Mills' strategic choices are aligned with the Porter generic strategy. You can tell how the company's operates and how following the model is benefiting them.

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