Prepare a routine internal proposal for a teacher


Proposal: Fix the Course

Your assignment:

Prepare a routine Internal Proposal for a TEACHER, as the instructor of the BUSINESS WRITING course, on some aspect of the course that you would change or improve

Maybe you want to propose that we should have coffee and donuts provided at every classroom session, or that we should have bigger desk instead of small table-arm things.

Have fun with the exercise remember it incorporate the elements of a routine internal proposal (and make sure it is in the proper format).

In your proposal:

write a concise Purpose statement to clarify your proposal goals.

Emphasize the proposal benefits and anticipate my questions or objections.

incorporate one item of evidence to support your claims, being careful to cite your source.

If applicable, present a simple budget.

Use a confident, positive tone throughout.

12 pt. Times, double spaced, minimum one full page

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Operation Management: Prepare a routine internal proposal for a teacher
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