Review an alleging a violation of the ada

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Provide information from the course material to back up your point of view in 4-6 sentences. Employed by Arneson Products, Inc., Sidney Sanders was diagnosed with cancer. He had surgery during a leave from October 26 to December 2. He then worked part-time, but on December 18 he was diagnosed as suffering a psychological reaction to the cancer. His doctor told him to take time off and estimated he could return to work on April 5. Arneson paid Sanders's full salary until April 5, but refused to allow him to return to work. Sanders sued Arnson, alleging a violation of the ADA. Arneson claimed Sanders's temporary psychological impairment was not a disability under the ADA. Was it an ADA disability? [Sanders v. Arneson Products, Inc., 91 F.3d 1351 (9th Cir.)]

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Business Law and Ethics: Review an alleging a violation of the ada
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