Discuss the use of supplements for weight loss

Consider this hypothetical case study:

Lee is a 50 year old woman referred to you by her physician who is treating her for asthma and heart problems. Lee has asked her physician for information about dietary supplements and nutraceuticals that might help her gain control over her weight.

In your initial interview with Lee, you find out that in addition to her asthma, for which her doctor has prescribed corticosteroids, she has had a life long, losing battle with her weight. She has intermittently been on one weight loss program or another, losing weight with difficulty, only to have it return shortly after she finishes or leaves the program. In the past five years, Lee has been diagnosed with functional hypothyroidism by her endocrinologist.

In the interview, Lee broke into tears when discussing her weight problem and related social and marital difficulties. Now, she says, the corticosteroids have caused her to look bloated and to gain even more weight. Everyone tells her to get out and exercise but her breathing problems seem to make even walking a few steps a real challenge. Her friends have told her about a new supplement called: E-Z lose. They claim it has worked wonders for them. She insists that she will take it, no matter what, to escape from her escalating weight problem. She shows you the bottle of pills, and the key ingredient is the Chinese herb, ma huang.

For this assignment, using the AACE article, prepare a one page evaluation of Lee's use of ma huang, considering not only the supplement itself, but Lee's overall condition. Support your decision with references to the text, the AACE article found at https://www.aace.com/files/nutraceuticals-2003.pdfand at least three research articles published in peer reviewed journals in the past five years.

Then, prepare a mock interview of the second meeting you have with Lee. Present a transcript of the dialogue that might take place between you and Lee, drawing on the information you have about her emotional and physical state as describing above, and also on the interview techniques discussed in the AACE article. Discuss the weight issue, the use of supplements for weight loss, and how, if at all, she might be able to include exercise as part of her overall health. End the interview with a summary of the case and the direction you predict Lee's treatment will take, based on her decisions after consulting you.

Create a 5 to 7 pages, please be sure to use APA citations and referencing

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