Differentiate quality of health care vs unequal treatment


Question-1- Shifting U.S. Demographics and Cultural Competence

Consider a scenario in which you are a leader working for a major health care organization and have been asked to study the changing demographics in the United States. Based on this scenario, respond to the following:

• As you look at the situation in this role, what are the relevant demographic shifts in the United States that you believe should be considered and reported, and why? You should also consider non-Hispanic whites, underrepresented groups, seniors, and other diverse groups.

• Next, considering your own geographic region, identify how demographics in race, ethnicity, language, age, and gender may lead to disparities and quality of care.

• (300 word limit response)

Question-2 -Health Disparities as a Twenty-first Century ChallengeResources

(Please make sure you have the book before completing this assignment )

As leaders in health care become more acutely aware of health disparities, the pressure increases to develop culturally competent organizations. Reflect on this unit's studies, with special attention to the following:

• The Department of Health and Human Services reportHealthy People 2010, including goal number 2, "Eliminate health disparities."

• The data provided in Figures 1-1 and 1-2, and the related discussion about disparities in health care in Chapter 1 of the Kosoko-Lasaki, Cook, and O'Brien text, pages 1-4.

In one page or less, answer the following questions:

• If cultural competence is a national goal, what factors must health care leadership consider?

• Discuss differences in quality of health care versus unequal treatment. Considering health disparities, what contributing factors do you think are important?

Take a position on these issues, provide specific examples and relevant experiences, and cite assigned readings or outside reading or research as appropriate to support your position.

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