Identify areas for professional development

Assignment: Personal Professional Development Plan

Create a 750 to 1000 words.

You are required to reflect on your skills and knowledge as a community services worker and identify areas for professional development. Areas to develop are to be based on your own evaluation of your work practice and on feedback from your supervisor and work colleagues.


After identifying areas for development, you are required to incorporate these into a professional development plan. The written plan will:

• Outline area/domain where professional development is required (e.g. professional currency, technical currency, communication skills etc)

• Outline short and long term goals for improving professional capacity

• Outline strategies to address each goal (work methods/ practices, activities, learning experiences)

• Indicate a time frame for the achievement of each goal

• Include evidence which will indicate the achievement of each goal


Answer the following 5 questions in relation to your professional development plan

1. What skills and processes did you use to undertake the reflective processand establish professional development goals?

2. What limitations to your ability to self reflect did you encounter during the process?

3. How did your use of supervision and peer feedback assist you in the process of professional development?

4. What agency policy and procedure guidelines did you utilise when developing your professional development plan?

5. What other support networks will you use from within and outside the organisation to achieve your professional development goals?

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