Review-when everything works like your cell phone

Response to the following:

For the reader response, please provide your thoughts, reactions, and opinions to the readings and video.

The response should use a little more content and substance, as well as, further analysis/evaluation from the chapters on Sherry Turkle.

The response should include Chapter of Alone Together - Author Sherry Turkle, the 4 articles links, and one(1) video links. Your response should be 7 paragraphs long (one paragraph for each reading) and you should put in bold a quote from each article of something you found interesting, confusing, or a possible discussion topic.

Reciew the book is "Alone Together - author Sherry Turkle 2011.

The articles:

1) When Everything Works Like Your Cell Phone by Alexis C. Madrigal and Robinson Meyer

2) Google Gives San Francisco Free Wi-Fi in Public Places By Katy Steinmetz

3) How the Man Who Wired Facebook Helped Build the NFL Stadium of the Future

4) China Scrambles To Censor Social Media by Paul Carsten

5) The video: Behind the Great Firewall of China by Michael Anti

6) Paragraph 5 from Sherry Turkle.

7) Paragraph 6 from Sherry Turkle.

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