Develop an ethical corporate culture


You are an ethics consultant and just landed a consulting project for an organization. Your client has hired you to design a plan with recommendations to develop an ethical corporate culture. The company is a global multi-billion dollar corporation that sells Trade Credit Insurance.

Step: Design a plan for building an ethical corporate culture.

1. Explain how you will go about designing a plan to help your client build an ethical corporate culture.

2. Analyze the organization's current corporate climate including its ethical culture.

3. Describe the ethical behaviors demonstrated in this organization, such as their business practices. Also, include how people or the general public perceive the ethics of this organization based on the current corporate climate and business practices.

4. Explain how you will know if people are adopting the new ethical corporate culture. For example, if you built an educational program, you might track the number of people who complete the program.

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Business Law and Ethics: Develop an ethical corporate culture
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