Research hr success is based on data



This individual assignment is an online discussion in which you need to research the topic "HR success is based on data and analytics in 21st century" This assignment is linked to customized Chapter-Data Literacy Fundamentals.


Your online research should be based on a minimum of three credible articles on the Internet and one video you find online related to the topic.

You must reference all your sources, including e-books, online articles, websites, links for the videos on, or other websites or social media sites related to your topic (see below for instructions).


Find three articles and one video segment related to the topic and explain in your post why you choose these articles and videos (don't attach articles or videos to your post; only copy and paste hyperlinks).

Select one area of HR and explain how data analytics could be used in better decision making

Comment on three classmates' findings. Please provide in-depth comments on the other learners' posts to generate meaningful discussion by building on their posts.

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HR Management: Research hr success is based on data
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