Languages and Reliability

Introduction to Languages and Reliability

The reliability  goal is  promoted by several programming languages qualities. So as such there are  five  types of such qualities which  are show in  the fig 6.15, most to  these  qualities are vases on subjective evaluation, that why they are difficult to be stated in a precise quantitative way. Additionally, they are not independent concepts. Basically they depend on each other and are overlapping. In some other cases they may by even  conflicting with  each  other.

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Now, I would  like to discuss these qualities  one by one

1.Writability : Writ ability refers  to the possibility  of expressing  a program in a way that is  natural for the program. The  programmer should  not be  distracted by details and tricks  of the language form the important  activity  of problem solving. Even  though  writ ability is a subjective criterion, we can agree that higher level  languages are more  writable than  lower level languages  like  assembly or machine  language.

Example 18. An assembly language programming   is after  forced to consider the addressing mechanisms needed to access certain data such as the positioning  of index registers and so no. So  the easier it is  to concentrate on the  problem solving  activity the less  error prone is program writing .

2 Readability : It should  be possible  to follow the logic of the  program  and to discover  the presence of errors by examining the program. Readability  is also a subjective  criterion that  depends o great deal  on matters  of taste and style.

Example 19. : The  provision of specific constructs to define  new operations, like be routines and new data types  which  keep the  definition of  such  concepts separate from the  rest of the program that may use them and enhances readability greatly.

3.Simplictiy : A simple  language is  easy to understand can easily become a master language and  allows  algorithms  to be expressed easily in a way that makes the programmer confident in the correctness of  the algorithm,. Simplicity can be  achieved by minimizing the features of a languages, but  then this reduces the power of the  language.

Example 20 :Pascal  is simpler but less powerful than C++,

4. Sefety : The language should  not provide features that make it  possible  to write harmful program. Such  features may cause subtle  errors that are difficult to track during  program development  and may manifest themselves unexpectedly in the  delivered software.

Example 21. A language does not provide go to statement  pointer variable so eliminate these two well known sources of  danger in a program.

5. Robustness :The language supports robustness whenever it provides the ability  to deal with undesired. That is such  events can be trapped and a suitable  response can be programmed to responded to their  occurrence. In this way the vbehavior of the system becomes predictable even in anomalous situations.

Example 22. Arithmetic overflows invalid  input reduces the robustness. Such  unexpected events should be handled for robust  software.

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