SAS stand for Serial-attached SCSI is a method used in accessing computer peripheral devices that employs a serial (one bit at a time) means of digital data transfer over thin cables. The method is denoted in the American National Standard Institute standard called Serial-attached SCSI (Small Computer System Interface), also called as ANSI/INCITS 376-2003. Serial-attached SCSI, in the business enterprise is especially of interest for access to mass storage devices, specifically external hard drives.

Serial-attached SCSI offers advantages on older parallel technologies. The connectors are less bulky and cables are thinner, and. Serial data transfer let the use of longer cables than parallel data transfer. Problems associated to crosstalk are less likely in serial interfaces than in parallel interfaces, since there are fewer conductors in the cables. For serial interfaces the hardware is less expensive than the hardware for equivalent parallel interfaces.

SAS offers data transfer rates in excess of three gigabits per second (Gbps) along with potential rates of 10 Gbps or more. Serial-attached SCSI is said to provide an ideal solution for businesses along with backup, substantial storage, and archiving demands.

Devices that employ SAS are compatible with serial ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) devices. Additionally, SAS products are compatible with the devices that employ previous SCSI technologies. External disk drives, expanders and host adapters, were the primary devices to employ SAS. The technology is estimated to expand to digital cameras, printers, and other peripherals.

It is an software solutions‘s integrated system that enable to perform the following tasks:

  • data entry, retrieval, and management
  • report writing & graphics design
  • mathematical and statistical analysis
  • decision support& business forecasting
  • project management & operations research
  • applications development

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