It is a computer software company that develops and sells database management system (DBMS) and middleware products. The company was founded in the year of 1984, and the headquarters offices are in Emeryville, CA. Sybase was the primary enterprise DBMS for the Linux operating system.

Sybase products have found costly application, particularly in industrial, military communications and commercial systems. Spanish telecommunications operator Airtel uses Sybase Adaptive Server IQ Multiplex (ASIQ) to standardize its information of business. Telstra, an Australian telecommunications provider, utilizes data-visualization software powered by Sybase ASIQ Multiplex to optimize its mobile phone network management capacity. Primark utilizes Sybase MQ Series Integrator to maximize transaction rates, optimize reliability, and permits customization of outputs and inputs. Sybase claims that its MQSeries Integrator makes it possible to add new data formats to meet the requirements of clients, and to accommodate diverse system architectures at client locations. Sybase SQL embedded in Geodyn FxView, is utilized in two-way communications between military command centers and soldiers in the field.

Features of Sybase:


  • Wire protocol architecture – doesn’t need Sybase Open Client libraries
  • Easy-to-use tuning options and automatic driver tuning through Performance Wizard
  • Load balancing
  • Bulk Load
  • Enterprise-quality driver logging
  • Built-in debugging capabilities
  • Statement pooling
  • Advanced Connection Pooling
  • Data conversion
  • Network wire management
  • Socket management

Comprehensive Database / Platform Coverage:

  • One driver supports simultaneous connections to Sybase versions 11, Sybase 12, and through Sybase 15.5.
  • Supports Linux, Windows and UNIX platforms, by including UNIX platforms such as HP-UX, IBM AIX, and Sun Solaris across a wide range of processor architectures.
  • 64-bit ODBC driver for Sybase obtainable.


  • Operating system authentication (aka Single Sign-On) by means of Kerberos
  • Enterprise Applications
  • SSL data encryption


  • Interoperability, by including SQL up-leveling, which simplifies the task of supporting other databases as well as Sybase, such like Oracle, DB2, My SQL, SQL Server,  and more.
  • Common architecture across drivers makes it simple to support different databases.

Quality and Reliability:

  • Quality tested and certified along the Data Direct ODBC Verification Suite (OVS), the largest, most mature ODBC testing infrastructure
  • 100% ODBC specification compliance-leverage Sybase functionality without proprietary code or extensions
  • Added Sybase ODBC Driver Functionality

Sybase IQ:

It is a column-based, relational database software system utilized for business intelligence, data warehousing, and data marts. Generated by Sybase Inc., an SAP company, its main function is to analyze great amounts of data in low-cost, high-availability environment. This can be deployed on UNIX, Windows and Linux Operating Systems. Sybase IQ is frequently credited with pioneering the commercialization of column-store technology.

As SAP AG’s acquisition of Sybase in July 2010, now Sybase IQ is part of the broader database technology portfolio.

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