Effect of change of pressure

Effect of change of pressure:

When a system in equilibrium comprises of reactants and products in gaseous state, then the concentrations of all components can be modified by changing the net pressure of the system. Let us assume the equilibrium in the gaseous state like,

N2O4(g) ↔ 2NO2(g)

Raise in the total pressure of the system in equilibrium will reduce the volume proportionately. According to Le Chatlier’s principle, alter can be counteracted by shifting the equilibrium towards the reducing moles of products.

Therefore, the reaction of combination of NO2 molecules to N2O4 formation will be favored.

In condition of a gas phase equilibrium that is accompanied by reduction in number of moles of products produced, the effect of pressure can be considered as shown,

N2(g)+ 3H2(g) ↔ 2NH3(g)

When the pressure is raised then the volume will reduce proportionately. Therefore, the equilibrium will shift in the direction in which there is a reduction in the total number of moles, i.e., favors the formation reaction of NH3. Here from four moles of reactants two moles of NH3 are produced. Therefore at higher pressures, the outcome of ammonia will be more.


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