Egg Beaters

Introduction to Egg Beaters

An egg beater is employed not only for beating eggs, but as well for whipping up cream and other ingredients. Although there are fancy categories available, occasionally a simple egg beater as displayed in the below diagram will be enough to do the job. Egg beaters are presented in two forms.

i) Hand Operated Crank type

ii) Hand Operated Electric type

Hand Operated Crank Type:

Hand Beaters are employed to beat a food mixture or food item, to both mix it and introduce air. The very much accepted use is for beating egg whites and whipped cream. They are operated through hand, making them more work than electric hand mixers, but less work than using a Whisk or another implement. A Hand Beater is usually about 9 inches (23 cm) tall. It contains a handle on top, a crank in the middle, and beaters at the base, as displayed in the below diagram. We require two hands to run it. One hand holds the top handle and directs the beaters; the other turns the crank. The crank turns gears that in turn rotate the beaters. The beaters are occasionally considered to as "blades" or "whisks." The beaters are circular, dull-edged blades which rotate in and out of each other, one turning clock-wise, the another turning counter- clockwise. The swirling of blades beats the eggs / whips the cream.

Hand Operated Electric type:

Hand Beaters can be employed for all types of things, not just eggs, but usually, people who have Hand Beaters tend to arrive at for electric hand mixers while it's a matter of mixing heavier ingredients, or for longer periods of time. The electrically powered kind contains a handle mounted over a large area consisting of the motor, as displayed in the below diagram that drives one or two beaters. The motor employed is Geared motor or Universal motor. In case of geared motors, Gears translate the rotation of motor to the opposing rotation of the beaters. The power rating of motor would be approximately 100-150 W (Watt), operates on 220/240 V, 50 Hz, AC (alternating current) supply. The beaters are immersed in the food to be mixed. While electric supply is provided, motor rotates that makes the blades of beater to swirl or rotate. The swirling of blades beats the eggs or whips the cream.

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