Introduction to Discriminator

Discriminator is a demodulator. It divide audio signal from frequency modulated IF signal. Crystal diodes are employed like detector diodes. Usually, three types of detector circuits are employed as provided below.

1. Travis discriminator

2. Foster- Seeley discriminator

3. Ratio detector


It manages the noise pulses that are mixed with signals. It is a last IF amplifier. It acts like a clipper.


Very first AF signals are de-emphasised. After that, it amplifies the audio frequency signal. It is spit into driver, pre amplifier, and output amplifier. Driver and Pre and amplifiers are voltage amplifiers. A power amplifier is an output amplifier. It enhances the fidelity.




1. It operates along with AM Signals

2. IF signal frequency is 455 KHz

3. Bandwidth in 10 KHz

4. It uses detector

5. It don't use limiter

6. distortion and  Interference are more

1. It operates along with FM Signals

2. IF signal frequency is 10.7 MHz

3. Bandwidth is 200 KHz

4. It uses discriminator

5. It uses limiter

6. Interference and distortion are less.


At the FM receiver, an operation reverse to pre-emphasis employed that is termed as De-emphasis. The amplitude of high frequency signal is reduced comparatively. R.C low pass filter network is employed. This network is containing a time stable of 75 micro seconds. It as well assists to decrease the noise frequency of the signal.


The amplitude of FM signal has to be constant. But when travelling to receiver form transmitter, fading, reflection and absorption of radio waves generate not wanted variation in the amplitude of signals. Therefore the variations should be eliminated for clear reception. Thus limiter is employed for this aim. It is employed previous to discriminator. Is in also termed as 'clipper' It is identical to IF amplifier that acts as a saturated amplifier. The input FM Signal is operated among the cut off point and saturation point of amplifier in this stage. Any amplitude across these points does not arrive at the output.

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