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Documentary Film:

Documentary film is a broad group of visual expression which is based upon the attempt, in one fashion or the other, to "document" reality.

Though "documentary film" originally considered to movies shot on film stock, this has consequently expanded to consist of video and digital productions which can be either direct-to-video or made for a television series. Documentary: as this applies now, works to recognize a cinematic tradition, a "filmmaking practice, and mode of audience reception" that is continually developing and is without clear restrictions.

A documentary film is a movie which attempts to document actuality. Although the scenes are carefully arranged and chosen, generally by editing after filming, they are not scripted and the people in the movie are not classically actors. Occasionally, a documentary film may rely upon voice-over narration to illustrate what is occurrence in the footage; in further films, the images speak for themselves without any commentary. A documentary frequently comprises interviews along with people in the film for additional information or context.

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History of Documentaries:

The initial documentaries in the France and US were instructional pictures, short newsreels, travelogues or records of current events that’s called actualities, without creative story-telling, staging, or narrative. The initial attempts at film-making, via the Lumiere Brothers in 1895 were literal documentaries, foe instants: factory workers, a train entering a station and leaving a plant.

These were termed as 'Actualities'.

The initial official documentary or non-fiction narrative film was Robert Flaherty's Nanook of the North in 1922, an ethnographic see at the harsh life of Canadian Inuit Eskimos living in the Arctic.

Modern documentaries:

Box office analysts have noticed that this film genre has turn into increasingly successful in theatrical release along with films as like: Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, Super Size Me, March of the Penguins and An Inconvenient Truth being amongst the most prominent illustrations. Compared to dramatic narrative films, documentaries generally have far lower budgets. It has made them attractive to film companies since even a restricted theatrical release can be highly profitable.

What Makes a Film a Documentary?

Generally, documentary films focus on real life and consist of footage of events as they occurred. A movie about World War II might feature actors portraying soldiers, fictional or real, in the war, recreating specific events or battles. In contrast to this, a documentary film about World War II might primarily feature news reel footage of real fighting, along with commentary by veterans and experts who were in the war. This is focus on documenting reality above drama or a fictional narrative which usually separates these movies from summer blockbusters and other famous films.

Characteristics of Documentary film:

1. A documentary should have narrative tension, engaging characters, and something to state about the human situation.

  • All documentaries have characters striving to do, obtain or accomplish something.
  • How they do that and whether they succeed offers dramatic tension.

2. A documentary delves into cause and effect.

  • To assist the audience perceive what underlies human organizations and agenda. The function of art is to offer us several perception of an order in life, via imposing an order to it.
  • Stories assist to warn us of danger, teach about treacheries of human nature, urges to live through our ideals.

3. A documentary is choices people make, and it is interested in the values and the consequences that flow from them.

  • Concerns go beyond the factual in ethical and moral spheres.

4. The excellent documentaries are models of disciplined passion; they illustrate us new worlds or familiar worlds in unfamiliar manner, and increase our level of awareness.

5. A documentary shows social criticism


A) Documentary films analyze, investigate, warn, explore, indict, announce, explain, report, advocate, celebrate, propagandize, experiment, satirize, protest, shock, conclude, revolutionize....

B) Documentary lives in a real world, it does active work, and it implies to act on its audience.


1. Actuality:

Exploring authentic situations and actual people; Dialogical (critical and multiple vision) implies reality as contradictory; explores conflicting perceptions and feelings exhibits a complicated and implicitly critical observation.

2. Unfolding Evidence:

Utilization of camcorders to capture events as they unfold before our eyes.-Modern documentaries ignore telling us what to feel; this exposes us to contradictory, provocative evidence which moves us to inner debate and realization-“Right versus right” ; right versus right

3. Taking Many Forms:

Story form is the way in that this presents its characters and events.-Observational; interrogate its subject; catalyze change; narrate utilizing images, words, music; theatrical, literary, music...

4. Hope:

Each successful documentary story leave us along with hope and several optimism.-Unless central characters change, learn or develop in several manner, a story will appear pointless.

Popularity of Documentaries:

In the early 21st Century, the documentary film genre turned into more fashionable, although still far less popular in usual than adventure or action films. Numerous of these films included political or somewhat controversial agendas, like: An Inconvenient Truth, Bowling for Columbine and Super Size Me.

Documentary films have remained fairly low on the radar for main moviegoers; however the popularity of several of these films demonstrates that several audiences want to watch movies along with a serious message. Since documentary films are much cheaper to create than commercial movies, particularly main projects along with extensive unique effects, they are a low risk for studios. Several of these movies also do fine on public television and other TV networks, here the mini-series format permits filmmakers to document much superior events.

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