Types of Networks

Types of Networks:

The world of computers is built up of computers and other networking devices interconnected together along with wires whereas others are interconnected wirelessly to form what we call a network. A computer network is an interconnection of two or more computers to share data and peripherals. We contain a number of network designs however the 3 main common network types are following:

Local Area network (LAN)
Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
Wide Area Network (WAN)

Local Area Network (LAN):

It is a network type comprising of a group of computers and other systems situated reasonably near to one another in a given area in such a manner that users communicate and share resources for instance in a college, Cyber Cafe' or an office. A LAN connects computers and network devices over a comparatively short distance.

A Local Area Network uses TCP/IP network protocol for communication among computers and other connected peripherals. LANs are the basis of all other kinds of networks. So if you associate two or more computers in an office, the end result will be a Local Area Network.

Advantages of LAN:

1) Easy to troubleshoot - this because a LAN does not cover a giant area and it is not complexes.

2) Cheap to install and monitor - the devices concerned for coming up with this network are not costly.

3) More secure - because it is usually a small network, it is feasible to maintain security.

4) Less vulnerable to attenuation - attenuation is the slow loss of signal strength as the signal tends to travel far from the point of origin. In this kind of network, since the computers are located within a small geographical area, the signals are less prone to attenuation.

5) Low error rates.

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN):

It is a network that covers a whole city or town. These kinds of network usually make use of wireless infrastructure or optical fiber connections to link sites. It can be formed by connecting several LANs together. For instances, it can be a network covering all the police stations in a local government authorities,  big city,  a college with a number of branches can also interlink their LANs and come up with a Metropolitan Area Network.


1)  It improve easier communication

2) It offers a quicker passage of data.


1) It is costly to install and maintain.

2) It’s susceptible to tapping.

3) It’s susceptible to attenuation (Attenuation is the steady loss of signal strength as data flows further from the point of origin).

4) It has high error rates.

Wide Area Network (WAN):

It’s a type of network design that associated computers across a huge geographical area of a city, region and even spans beyond country boundaries. It contains several sections of LAN’s and MAN’s associated together by devices such as routers.

A WAN transmits information through telephone lines, Radio waves, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital network) lines, or satellite Microwave. The Internet is the best instance of the largest Wide area network as it covers the entire world.

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