It is stands for "Hypertext Preprocessor." (It is a recursive acronym) It is an HTML-embedded Web scripting language. It means PHP code can be inserted to the HTML of a Web page. While a PHP page is accessed, the PHP code is read or "parsed" via the server the page resides on. The output through the PHP functions on the page is returned typically as HTML code, which can be read via the browser. Since the PHP code is transformed into HTML before the page is loaded, users can’t see the PHP code on a page. It makes PHP pages secure sufficient to access databases and other secure information.

PHP is possibly the most popular scripting language on the web. It is used to increase web pages. Along PHP, you can do things as create username and password login pages, check out  details by a form, create picture galleries, create forums, create surveys, and lot more. If you've come across a web page that ends up in PHP, then the author has written some programming code to liven up the plain, old HTML.

It is known as a server-sided language. That's because the PHP doesn't executed on your computer; however on the computer you requested the page from. Then the results are handed over to you, and displayed it in your browser. Other scripting languages you may have know about ASP, Python and Perl.

Many syntax of PHP is borrowed through other languages such like C, Java and Perl. Though, PHP has a several unique features and specific functions as well. The aim of the language is to let Web developers to dynamically write generated pages easily and quickly. It is also great for creating database-driven Web sites.

What is PHP used for?  

PHP can perform calculations:

It can perform all kinds of calculations. From figuring out what day it is, or what day of the week March 19, 2045 is, to performing all distinct types of mathematical equations.

PHP can collect user information:

This means that you can let your user interact directly with the script. It can be something really simple, as collecting the temperature through the user that they desire to convert from degrees to another format, or it can be more costly information, such as adding their information to an address book, or allowing them post on a forum.

PHP can interact with MySQL databases:

And by doing this, the possibilities are endless. You are able to write users information to the database and retrieve information from the database. It allows you to develop pages on the fly via the contents of the database. You can even do more complicated things such as setting up a login system, developing a website search feature, or keep your store's inventory and product catalogue online.

PHP and GD Library can create graphics:

You can use PHP to develop simple graphics on the fly. You can also use it to edit presented graphics. You might desire to do this to resize images, rotate them, or grayscale them. Some of the practical applications for this are letting users to edit their avatars or developing CAPTCHA verifications.

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