Types of Cymose inflorescence

Types of Cymose inflorescence:

Cymose inflorescence is of different types:

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Simple Cyme:

The kind of the stem or the axil of the leaf might exhibit a single flower that exhibits a joint on the pedicel. These flowers are termed to as terminal solitary cyme and axillary solitary cyme correspondingly. Example: Papaver-Terminal solitary cyme, and Hibiscus-Axillary solitary cyme.

Simple Dichasium:

It is a collection of three flowers. The inflorescence axis finishes in a flower. The two lateral bracts at the base of the flower give mount to branches ending in a flower. Therefore there are three flowers in the inflorescence and the central flower is the oldest, example: Jasminum.

Compound Dichasium:

The tip of the inflorescence completes in a flower. From the lateral bracts of this flower a pair of branches occurs, each ending in a flower. Each of such branches bears a pair of bracts and these too give mount to a pair of lateral branches each. Therefore symmetrical bunches of three flowers each are produced where the central flower is the oldest. Therefore a branched simple dichasium forms a compound dichasium, example: Clerodendron.

Monochasial Cyme:

The inflorescence axis finishes in a flower. Out of the two lateral bracts merely one branch further, like cyme is termed as monochasial cyme. This is of two kinds: Helicoid cyme and Scorpioid cyme.

Helicoid Cyme:

The major axis finishes in a flower. The lateral branches occurring from the bracts are on one side merely giving mount to a helical appearance. Example: Hamelia patens.

Scorpioid Cyme:

The major axis stops growth after generating a flower. The lateral branches occurring from the bracts are generated alternately to the left and to the right in a zig-zag way, example: Heliotropium.

Polychasial Cyme:

The major axis finishes in a flower. The lateral branches build up from the branch continue to branch constantly, example: Nerium.

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