Manganese and Copper

Manganese and Copper:


Manganese is needed by seeds and leaves. It is an activator of enzymes such as carboxylases, dehydrogenses, oxidases, and kinases.

Deficiency symptoms:

a. It causes grey spot disease in oat.
b. Poor expansion of root system.
c. Interveinal chlorosis takes place.


This is needed in all plant portions. Copper forms a component of enzymes like tyrosinase and phenolases. Copper being a constituent of plastocyanin plays a significant role in photophosphorylation. Copper sustains the carbohydrate–nitrogen balance.

Deficiency symptoms:

a. It causes die back of shoots particularly in Citrus.
b. A disease termed as `exanthema' causes the outcome of gums on the bark.
c. Reclamation disease is caused in plants mounting on newly reclaimed soil where seed creation is affected.

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