Salient Features:

In Algae the plant body exhibits no differentiation into stem, root, or leaf or true tissues.  Such a plant body is termed as thallus. They do not contain vascular tissues. The sex organs of this class of kingdom plantae are not bounded by a layer of sterile cells.

Algae are autotrophic organisms and they contain chlorophyll. They are O2 generating photosynthetic organisms which have evolved in and have exploited an aquatic atmosphere.  The study of Algae is termed as phycology or Algology.

Occurrence and Distribution:

Mainly algae are aquatic either marine or fresh water. Very few are terrestrial. Some genera grow even in severe situation such as glaciers, thermal springs, and snow.

The free floating and free swimming small algae are termed as phytoplanktons. Species that are found joined to the bottom of shallow water all along the edges of lakes and seas are termed as Benthic. Some of the algae show symbiotic relationship with higher plants. Several species of algae and fungi are found in relationship with each other and they are termed as Lichens. Some species of algae are epiphytes (that is, they live on other plant or another alga) and few of them are lithophytes (that is, they grow attached to the rocks).


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