Introduction of foreign gene

Introduction of foreign gene:

Plant cells in genetically engineered, a bacterium Agrobacterium is mostly included in transfer of foreign gene. Though, Agrobacterium cannot infect all plants because it has a narrow range of host specificity. Hence other techniques have been built up to introduce foreign DNA into plant cells. Novel techniques of making sure DNA uptake into cells involve electroporation and mechanical delivery / biolistics.

Electroporation is a procedure of forming temporary pores in the cell membrane through application of electric field.  Creation of such types of pores in a membrane permits introduction of foreign molecules like DNA, RNA, antibodies, drugs, etc. into cytoplasm.  The development of this process is because of contribution of biophysics, bioengineering, cell and molecular biology. When the method is now employed widely to create transgenic microorganisms, plants and animals, it is employed increasingly for application of gene therapy.

The mechanical particle delivery or gene gun techniques to deliver DNA on microscopic particles into aim tissue/cells. The procedure is increasingly employed to bring in new genes into a range of bacterial, fungal plant and mammalian species. It is the major method of selection for genetic engineering of several plant species including rice, corn, wheat, and cotton and soya bean.


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