Genetically modified food

Genetically modified food:

The superior concern in food biotechnology is the integration of both current biological knowledge and methods and current bioengineering standards in food processing and preservation. Current biotechnological methods will comprise considerable significance in influencing trends in the food market, taste, consistency, namely cost, preservation, color and above all, health issues.

Each year more than a million children expire and other 3, 50,000 go blind from the influences of vitamin A deficiency. Using genetic engineering techniques, Peter Beyer of Germany and Potrykus of Switzerland transferred genes which create carotene in daffodils into Oryza sativa. General methods of plant breeding do not present a way to improve the crop. Taking out carotene genes from daffodils, Potrykus and Beyer had make available these genes into the soil bacterium. Agrobacterium tumefaciens, the transgenic agrobacteria were after that incubated along with rice embryos in plant tissue culture medium. When the bacterium gets infects the rice cells, they as well transfer the genes for making beta carotene.

Some instances are available where transgenic plants appropriate for food processing have been developed.

(1) Tomatoes along with elevated sucrose and concentrated starch could also be generated by using sucrose phosphate synthase gene.

(2) Starch content in potatoes could be raised by 20 to 40 % through using a bacterial ADP glucose pyrophosphorylase gene (ADP GPPase).

(3) Vaccines, interferons, antibodies and can be consumed directly together with tomato, cucumber and banana.

Edible vaccine:

Acute watery diarrhoea is take place by Escherichia coli and Vibrio cholerae which colonize the small intestine and generate enterotoxin. Efforts were made to generate transgenic potato tubers which they could still keep vaccines in their tubers, though after the tubers had become 5 % soft later than boiling.  50 % of vaccine was still exist in the tubers.

Edible antibodies:

Transgenic plants are being looked on like a source of antibodies. They can as well give passive immunization through direct application.

Edible interferon:

Interferons are the substances made up of proteins and they are anti-viral in nature. Scientists have effectively generated transgenic tobacco and maize plants which secrete human interferons. Nowadays, rice crops have been enriched with vitamin A by gene manipulation. Likewise, pulse crop have been tampered with to generate lysine-rich pulse seeds. Such types of genetically modified food (GMF) are now becoming components of human staple food.

It is supposed that one day genetically engineered plants will comprises one or more of these attributes:

  • They will display tolerance against heat, cold, drought or salt.
  • They are much more nutritious.
  • They can be stored and transported with no fear of damage.
  • They need less fertilizer.
  • They generate chemicals and drugs that are of interest to humans.


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