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Debentures and Their Types

A debenture is a financial instrument which is issued by a company in the form of certificate under its regular seal. Therefore a debenture is a written acknowledgement of a debt taken by the company because these are issued under the common seal of the company and a debenture certificate contains an undertaking to pay back the principal sum on or after a specified maturity period and to pay the interest on the debt at a fixed or floating rate whichever is decided at regular intervals generally half yearly until the debt is repaid fully.

Debenture holders are the persons to whom the debentures are issued. They are not the owners of the company they are just considered as the loan creditors of the company.

Various Types of Debentures 

(i) On the basis of Security

These are of two types-

(a) Simple or unsecured or naked debentures- These are those that have no security. The holders are treated as unsecured creditors at the time of ending of a company.

(b) Secured debentures- These are those debentures that are secured against particular assets of a company. If the company is unable to repay the debentures then they need to provide them with the asset mortgaged with them.

(ii) On the basis of Tenure

(a) Redeemable debentures - These are referred to as the debentures that will be repaid by the company at the end of a specified period or maturity period by installments during the continuation of the company.

(b) Irredeemable or perpetual debentures - These are those debentures that are not repayable during the full lifetime of the company. These are repayable at the time of termination of the company.

(iii) On the basis of Mode

(a) Convertible debentures  - These are made for those holders who have given an option of exchanging the amount of their debentures for equity shares of company  after a particular period.

Convertible debenture consists of two types:

Fully convertible debentures - Whole amount of debentures is converted into equity shares.

Partly convertible debentures - where only a fixed part of the amount of debentures is convertible into equity shares.

(b) Non-convertible debentures - These are those debentures in which the holders have no right to convert them into equity shares.

(iv) On the Basis of Registration

(a) Registered debentures - are those debentures in which all details including name addresses and particulars of holding of the debenture holders are entered in a register which is kept by the company.

) Bearer debentures - are those debentures which can be transferred and the company does not keep any record of the debenture holder's interest. 

(v) On the basis of Coupon rate

(a) Specific coupon rate debentures- that are issued with a pre-determined rate of interest 8% or 12% and is called as coupon rate.

(b) Zero coupon rate debentures - that are issued without a pre-determined rate of interest and that's why called as zero coupon bond.

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