Negative Aspects-Group Decision Making-Organization Behavior

Group decision-making has following negative features, which may either affect the quality of decision or cost of decision.

1)     Time-consuming and costly: inevitably, groups take more time to reach decisions than individuals.

2)     Individual domination: because of the group dynamics prevailing in group interaction, some individuals dominate the group processes and have considerable bearing on decision outcomes. This may be because such individuals may enjoy higher status because of their age, experience, expertise, or other influencing, characteristics.

3)     Problem of responsibility: no doubt, group decision brings more commitment from members and its implementation is easier but this is true when the decision implementation outcome is positive. When this outcome is negative, no one can be held responsible.

4)     Groupthink: "groupthink" in type of thinking that occurs when reaching agreement becomes more important to group member than arriving at a sound decision. Groupthink is more likely to happen in cohesive groups because there is pressure for conformity to group norms and members avoid being too harsh in their judgments of fellow members. They try to avoid bickering and conflict, which they perceive as a threat to the team spirit.

5)     Goal displacement: sometimes, secondary considerations such as winning an argument, making a point, or getting back at a rival displace the primary task of making a sound decision or solving a problem,

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