Size and shape of virus

Size and Shape of virus:

Viruses are very small particles that they can be seen only beneath electron microscope. They are measured in millimicrons (i.e., 1 millimicron = 1/1000micron). (And 1micron = 1/1000 millimeter).Usually they differ from 2.0 mm to 300 mm in size.

Very small size and capability to pass via bacterial filters are classic attributes of viruses. The following techniques are employed to determine the size of the virus.

1. Direct observation by utilizing electron microscope:

2. Filtration via membranes of graded porosity:

In this technique viruses are building to pass via a series of membranes of recognized pore size, the approximate size of any virus can be evaluated by determining which membrane permits the virus to pass via and which membrane holds it back.

3. Sedimentation by ultra centrifugation:

The relationship among the shape and size of a particle and its rate of sedimentation allows determination of particle size.

4. Comparative measurements:

The data below is employed for reference.

a. Staphylococcus contains a diameter of 1000 mm.
b. Bacteriophage differs in size from 10-100 nm.


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