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Introduction to MCAT:

Medical College Admission Test or simply known as MCAT is the test that is obligatory to pass for taking admission in any medical college and university. All the aspirant students should accomplish the whole necessities and pass the MCAT test so that they can without difficulty get admission in the desired college or university. The regional government sorts all the preparations for arranging the entry test for the admission in the medical institutes both in public and private sector in the respective areas. The MCAT test is conducted to judge the knowledge in biology, physics, chemistry, organic-chemistry, verbal reasoning and analytical writing. The MCAT encourages the undergraduates having broad educational backgrounds to select the discipline of medical sciences and discover the diversity of courses.

Who supposed to take which exam?

The application procedure generally begins from the summer before your Ist-year and your MCAT scores are required by the application cut-off date. MCAT scores are announced 30 to 35 days following the test date. Moreover, schools show a discrepancy on how long after the MCAT test date they will accept the scores. Around 40 percent of schools accept scores up to 2-years, an additional 40 percent accept scores up to 3-years and a small number of schools accepts score 4 or more years old. It is up to you to research vital deadlines for the medical schools you would wish for to apply to and plan consequently.

If you would wish for to begin medical school in the year 2015 you would require taking the current version of the examination. If you won't begin school until year 2019 or later, you would take the recent version. A medical school begins date between the year 2016 to 2018 based on when you will be ready to take the exam. If you sense you can be satisfactorily prepared for the exam January 2015, you must take the current version.

More in relation to the MCAT Tests:

1) Physical Sciences:

  • 52 multiple-choice questions
  • 70 minute section
  • Tests math abilities, physics and general chemistry

2) Verbal Reasoning:

  • 40 multiple-choice questions
  • 60 minute section
  • Alike to reading comprehension sections on other standardized tests, like the SAT or ACT.

3) Biological Science:

  • 52 multiple-choice questions
  • 70 minute section
  • Tests fundamental biology and organic chemistry

4) Trial Section:

  • Voluntary section
  • 45 minutes
  • 32 questions

The MCAT scores are needed for various reasons. At first, they authenticate an applicant's grades. They assist the medical school admissions committee to compare applicants from many diverse schools of varying severity. MCAT scores are specifically helpful if considering an applicant from a school which is not renowned to the admissions committee. The second reason for the dependence on MCAT scores is that they are prophetic of the success of applicant in the educational course work usually taken throughout the first two years of medical school. Lastly, MCAT scores are proof of the test-taking ability of applicant. This is pertinent as successful candidate will face at least three further major standardized tests which must be passed before they can get a license to practice medicine.

Some Pointers for MCAT:

1) Guessing: Guessing is not fined. The score is completed by adding the number of questions answered right.

2) Timing: This is a timed test; thus, practice in pacing on sample tests might be obliging in learning to pace.

3) Cautions: The questions are not so tricky; however discerning among answers needs cautious analysis. You are anticipated to make deductions from complicated information. The test evaluates not only knowledge however as well the capability to use the knowledge specified.

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