Potassium and Sulphur

Potassium and Sulphur:


Potassium is needed in the meristematic areas and regions of cell differentiation. This accumulates in older leaves. Although it does not contain a structural role, it is included in stomatal opening and closing. This is an activator of numerous enzymes and has a role in carbohydrate and protein metabolism.

Deficiency symptoms:

a. Leaf tips curve down.
b. Causes mottled chlorosis.
c. Expansion of chlorosis at tips and margins of leaves.
d. Shortening of internodes and stunted development.


Sulphur is the constituent of some vitamins like biotin and thiamine. This is the constituent of coenzyme-A playing a significant role in respiration. It makes the sulphydryl group in numerous enzymes and is a constituent of sulphur having amino acids like cysteine, methionine and cystine.

Deficiency symptoms:

a. It causes inhibition of protein synthesis.

b. Younger leaves exhibit chlorosis initially.

c. Chloroplasts of mesophyll exhibit a reduction in stroma lamellae however grana raise.

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