Internal factor

Internal factor:

1. Maturity of embryo:

The seeds of certain plants, whenever shed, hold immature embryo. These seeds germinate only after the maturation of their embryo.

2. After ripening:

The newly shed seeds of some plants might not possess the needed hormones for the growth of embryo these seeds germinate only after the maturation of their embryo.

3. Viability:

Generally seeds stay viable or living only for a specific period. The viability of seeds varies from a few days (example: Oxalis) to more than 100 years. (Example: Trifolium). Maximum viability (that is, 1000 years) has been recorded in lotus seeds. The seeds germinate only in the period of viability.

4. Dormancy:

Seeds of most of the plants are dormant at the time of shedding. The seed dormancy might be due to different reasons such as impermeability, toughness of seed coats, and existence of growth inhibitors and so on. These seeds germinate only after natural rupture of dormancy.

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