Essential main and trace elements

Essential main Elements and Trace Elements:

The plant ash reveals the existence of 40 elements however all are not necessary for plant nutrition, only a few are necessary for growth and development of plants. These are termed as the necessary elements. The necessary elements might be grouped as major elements or macronutrients and trace elements or micro nutrients, based on their need by plants.

Major Elements or Macro Nutrients:

Such elements are needed in big amounts and form the plant constituents. The main elements are otherwise termed as macronutrients. These comprise hydrogen, carbon, phosphorus, oxygen, nitrogen, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulphur. Such elements form an integral portion of complex organic molecules. A few of these elements aid in the functioning of enzyme systems. The sources of macronutrients are usually the soil or the atmosphere. Carbon is got from carbon-dioxide of the atmosphere. Oxygen is derived from atmospheric oxygen and water.

Nitrogen is existed in the atmosphere as an inert substance that is brought to the soil and transformed to soluble nitrates either by asymbiotic or symbiotic nitrogen fixation. Sulphur and Phosphorous are derived from rocks during weathering. The main source of hydrogen is water.

Trace elements or Micronutrients:

Elements such as manganese, boron, iron, copper, zinc and molybdenum are needed for plants merely in very small amounts however these are indispensable for the development and normal growth of plants.

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