Cell Structure and Pigmentation

Cell Structure and Pigmentation:

With the exemption of blue green algae that are treated as Cyanobacteria, each and every alga contains eukaryotic cell organization. The cell wall is build up of pectin and cellulose. There is a well stated nucleus and membrane bound organelles found.

Three kinds of Photosynthetic pigments are observed in algae which are as shown below:

1. Chlorphylls 
2. Carotenoids 
3. Biliproteins.

Since “chlorophyll a” is universal in every algal classes, chlorophyll b, c, d, e are limited to certain classes of algae.

The orange, yellow, or red colored pigments are termed as carotenoids. It involves the caroteins and Xanthophylls. The water soluble biliproteins is termed as phycoerythrin (red) and phycocyanin (blue) take place usually in the Cyanophyceae and Rhodophyceae and the latter is now termed as cyanobacteria. Such pigments absorb sunlight at various wavelengths mostly in blue and red range and aid in photosynthesis. Pigmentation in algae is a significant criterion for categorization.

The color of the algae is mostly due to the supremacy of some of the pigments. For illustration in red algae (group Rhodophyceae) the red pigment phycoerythrin is dominant over others. The pigments are positioned in the membranes of chloroplasts. In all chloroplast one or few spherical bodies are termed as pyrenoids are existed. They are the centres of starch creation.


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