Diversity in living organisms:

There is a vast diversity among living organisms found on the Earth planet. They vary in their structure, habitat, habit, mode of nutrition, and physiology. The Biodiversity of earth is vast. Present estimates recommend that the earth might have anywhere from 10 to over 40 million species of organisms, however only around 1.7 million have really been explained involving over 7,50,000 insects, around 47,000 vertebrate animals and around 2,50,000 flowering plants. We term such diversity among living organisms as Biodiversity.  Even although there is such diversity and variety among them, the living organisms exhibits a lot of similarities and general features, therefore they can be arranged into numerous groups. In order to understand them and study them systematically, such living organisms, mainly the plants and animals are grouped beneath various categories.


The branch of biology commencing with identification, naming and categorizing the living organisms is termed as Taxonomy.  In Greek, Taxonomy means rendering of order. The term Systematics means to put altogether. It was Carolus Linnaeus who employed this word at first in his book ‘Systema Naturae’. Systematics might be stated as the systematic placing of organisms into classes or taxa on the basis of certain relationships among organisms.


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