Steps involved in (BARS) behaviorally anchored rating scales

What are the steps involved in (BARS) behaviorally anchored rating scales?




Behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS) are having 5 steps:
1. Generate Critical Incidents:  people with awareness about the job to be evaluated are asked to explain specific examples of successful performance behavior.
2. Build up Performance Dimensions:  These people then collect the incidents into a smaller set of performance scope. Each collecting is then defined.
3. Reallocate Incidents: Any group of people who are also familiar with the job then reallocate the original vital incidents.
4. Scale of Incidents: This second group is in general asked to rate the behavior explained in the episode as to how efficiently or inefficiently it symbolizes performance on the suitable dimension.
5. Develop Final Instrument: A division of incident bunch is used as behavior anchors for the performance scopes.

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